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I welcome you to Hardwen Capital. I started this business because I wanted to offer people a reliable company to get their taxes prepared, tax planning, and someone they could trust to represent them before the IRS. I have heard so many stories over many years of clients chasing down their tax preparers to get their taxes done or tax advisors who led their clients astray, bringing huge tax fines. We are a family company who strive to bring professionalism with personal service. We look forward to serving you!

                                                                                          ~ Shonna




Farms and ranches have specific tax rules and deductions they can take. We specialize in assessing the farm/ranch, and seeing how we can organize and plan for the future. Our goal is to keep the farm/ranch alive for generations.


We offer tax services to those serving as clergy or ministry.  There are specific rules for clergy that can seem difficult to understand. We offer that expertise and experience.


Corporations, LLCs, and S Corps all have their specific tax implications and deductions. Whether it be starting a corporation, tax planning, or tax benefits, we help keep corporations, within good standing.


Whether it be a simple or complex trust, we help our clients to tackle the ins and outs of trust tax returns.


We service customers by providing tax services for their individual tax return. No matter if it’s a simple W-2 or self-employment, we are experienced in individualized preparation.


As an Enrolled Agent, Shonna is experienced in all aspects of representation.  She is nationally licensed and provides the expertise and care to aid our clients in navigating through difficult circumstances.

Dear Shonna and staff of Hardwen Capital, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your coming to my rescue with my tax needs.  It's great to know you can relax knowing someone is at hand that is qualified to assist and represent you with your tax issues.  Thanks so much!    ~  K.S.

Thanks to Shonna and everyone at Hardwen Capital! You have helped with the stress of a long fight. I can finally sleep knowing that whatever comes my way, I can depend on you!   ~   W.S.


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