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I called the IRS to check on the status of refunds for a few clients. They had received a message on track your refund stating it was taking longer to process.  She encouraged me to extend some information to our clients.  When submitting your tax return, remember you are placed in line for refunds of those before you, so it may take at least 21 days.  When claiming Earned Income Credit (EIC) or Child Tax Credit (CTC), it will take longer to process.  If you have not received a refund after 21 days, then you should contact the IRS.


Business extensions are until September 16, 2024 and personal extensions are until October 15, 2024. I f you need to file an extension for a non-profit that is on a calendar year, deadline is May 15, 2024.





Filing due dates are upon us. Disaster Areas (including parts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and California) have a filing 2022 taxes due date of February 15, 2024.



For 2023 taxes, other Disaster Areas (including parts of Connecticut, Maine, West Virginia and Rhode Island) have until June 17, 2024 to file personal and business returns.


If you have not filed your 2022 taxes, it is important to check if your area is declared a disaster area for that time.

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